Have you noticed any grateful feelings today? Would you know grateful feelings if they came knocking on the door of your mind? Is it easy for you to generate grateful feelings?

“Well I’ve been very busy” you may reply. “I have got a lot on my mind, a lot going on … I haven’t got time!”

So …… Have you had a moan today? Have you complained about something/someone? Have you noticed something that is not right in your life?

If you have found time moaning, why have you not found time to experience grateful feelings?

It is because one is actually much easier than the other!

It’s our programming!

Human beings are hardwired to look for the negative. Our ancestors only survived because they were programmed to look for danger all the time. Because our brain is wired to look for danger, we are more comfortable focusing on the negative.

This makes us inclined towards negative thinking and observation. As a result of this, you feel more stressed because you think things are worse than they are.

You can rewire your mind

As you increase your grateful feelings, you become more positive and feel less stressed. And the more you notice to be grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful for. When you begin to notice things to be grateful for you will feel more positive feelings. Then your brain wiring will change and you will develop a more positive way of thinking. You will then notice even more things to be grateful for. It takes some effort to start with but it soon becomes a natural way of thinking.

The rewiring process

You can start the process to increase your grateful feelings right now. Look around you and start with the basics. The roof over your head, the last meal you ate, your friends and family. You can continue through the day by stopping every so often to notice things to be grateful for. There are also some strategies which you could adopt to make this more of your everyday life.

5 Easy Ways to Do it

  1. Put a reminder on your phone a few times a day. Stop and notice 5 things to be grateful for.
  2. Take a photograph of significant things. Make a board at home that you can look at any time.
  3. Keep a gratitude jar. At the end of each day write things you are grateful for on small pieces of paper. Every so often get the slips out and read them. This is a great one to do with children.
  4. Start the day with gratitude. Before you even get out of bed, say thank you for at least 10 things.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of the day record 4/5 things, you are grateful for that day.

Some of the things I notice on a regular basis:

  • Green traffic lights
  • Parking spaces
  • Sunsets and sunrises
  • Everything which is growing
  • A great conversation
  • Time with loved ones

The list goes on!

As you do this more and more you will even notice that you can see the good in less positive situations.

Stuck in traffic? A great time to listen to some music or an audiobook.

It’s raining outside? Aren’t we lucky to have water, unlike some countries?

The power when you increase your grateful feelings is that you actually rewire your brain. You form new neural connections and your brain finds positive thinking easier.

See if you can find 5 things to be grateful for today and try increasing it by one thing every day.

If you find it hard to increase your grateful feelings, I can help using hypnotherapy and other mindset change tools.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more.