Developing awareness of your eating habits is one of the key tools to help you change them. After all, if you don’t know what you need to change, how can you take the right action to change it.

In the Slim Habits Hypno programme, this I one of the first elements that we look at. In the programme, we use a food diary to record feelings, events and huger levels which happen before and after eating but you can start building your self-awareness (and therefore your power to change) with these top tips.

• Observe: Just start by noticing your eating habits in different situations. How do you react when there are other people present? Is this different to when you are alone? Are there certain situations or feelings which mean you end up eating when you are not hungry?

• Record: Keep a little notebook or use an APP on your phone and start writing down what you notice. As soon as you start doing this, it can begin to instigate change in you. There is something about writing down that you ate a chocolate bar when you were upset that makes it less likely to happen next time.

• Experiment: As your awareness increases, you can begin to play about with slight changes to your habits. What would happen, for example, if instead of eating that chocolate bar, you called a friend or went for a walk? Make note of what works in the same record as above.

• Listen: Sometimes we are so busy running about that we don’t even notice our own inner voice and the wise guidance it might be giving us. When you notice that you have an urge to engage in an unhealthy habit, try stopping and taking a breath. You could even close your eyes and try to notice what your inner voice is saying. This might help you to make a different decision that could well be better for you.

• Get Feedback: Let the people around you know that you are trying to change your eating habits and then ask them to let you know what they notice. Pick people whom you trust will give you an honest and unbiased view of your eating habits. Avoid those people who might want to undermine your efforts.

• Listen: When you get that feedback, even if you might not like what they are saying, take that deep breath mentioned earlier and have a moment to reflect. There is a good chance there is something helpful in what they have said especially if you have directed them to notice the particular eating habits you want to address.

Self-awareness is a vital trait if you want to improve and grow in any aspect of your life but particularly if you want to change your eating habits. We all have the capacity for self-awareness and working on it really could help you become aware and then change the eating habits which have meant, in the past, that you have not attained and maintained your ideal weight, shape and size.

As I have already mentioned, developing awareness of your eating habits is a key part of Slim Habits Hypno so if you want to find out more about this revolutionary programme please get in touch or you can book your complimentary consultation and receive your FREE Stress relief MP3 here.