Affirmations are an amazing tool to help you rewire your brain and achieve everything you want to in life without your subconscious mind getting in the way. They can be used to begin persuading your subconscious mind to change its way of viewing you and the world around you. An affirmation is a statement which you make about a state you would like to be in. Affirmations should be positive, present tense, possible and personal.


Always state what you do want, not what you don’t want. Your subconscious mind doesn’t hear the ‘not’ part but rather focuses on the main adjective or verb in the sentence. State things in the positive to really ensure that your subconscious mind gets the message.

So rather than, ‘I am not fat’, use ‘I am slim and healthy’

And rather than, ‘I am not lazy’, use ‘I am motivated and take action every day’

Present Tense

This is all part of the process of tricking your subconscious mind to take on board a new belief. By speaking about something as if it is already true, your subconscious mind will begin to believe it to be so and then get on board with making it happen.

So instead of, ‘I will lose weight’ use, ‘I am my ideal weight’ or ‘I weigh less than ……. (insert weight here).’

And instead of, ‘I will be successful’ use, ‘I am successful in everything I do’


Your affirmations should be possible so, for example, if you are not on the NASA training programme, you should probably avoid ‘I am flying to the moon’ as your affirmation. You should still make sure that your affirmations are aspirational though. Remember that you are trying to undo subconscious programming (read more about that here) and get yourself where you really want to go so be brave and say what you really want.


Your affirmations are geared towards changing your behaviour so make sure the focus of them is on you. Having ‘my husband empties the dishwasher every day’ is probably not ideal. Some of this process is about taking responsibility for yourself and realising that your happiness starts with you so make sure the focus is on things where you can affect change.

Using your affirmations to turbocharge your mind rewiring

You can try the following to get those affirmations firmly inside your head and retraining your subconscious mind.

  • Repeat them several times a day at least 10 times each time. Say them out loud and proud – this may feel uncomfortable at first but persevere and things will get easier. Try to move about when you are repeating them or do them somewhere where you can really let loose and shout like in the car.
  • Write them down. Try writing your affirmations down each day at least once each. I have a special notebook for that and treasure the time each day to reflect on my affirmations.
  • Print them out and stick them everywhere – over your desk, on your dashboard, above the mirror, on the kitchen unit. Stick them places where you will see them regularly but also make sure you move them about. After a while, we stop seeing things which have been in one place for a long time.

Remember that you are trying to undo subconscious programming which has been installed in you through repetition, so it will take repetition to change them and create new programmes for your mind.

Use your affirmations regularly and you will soon see yourself reaching new heights and achieving your goals much more effortlessly.

If you want any help with writing affirmations, get in touch.

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