thank you by unique journey

5 Top Tips to Increase Grateful Feelings and Feel Less Stressed

Have you noticed any grateful feelings today? Would you know grateful feelings if they came knocking on the door of ...
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books on a shelf by clare downham from unique journey

Mindset Change Books

Since the breakdown I suffered in 2015, I have read and listen to a lot of mindset change books. In ...
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feel less stressed at Christmas tree

5 Top Tips to Feel Less Stressed at Christmas

Would you like to feel less stressed at Christmas? How busy are you right now? Do you feel like you ...
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woman Get More Sleep so You Can Lose Weight

10 Top Tips to Get More Sleep so You Can Lose Weight

In this article, I will share my 10 top tips to get more sleep so you can lose weight. I ...
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banana split overcome your cravings with hypnotherapy

Top Tips to Beat Cravings

This blog post will help you to understand what a craving is, why you might have them and how you ...
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6 Top Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

What exactly is your metabolic rate?We often talk about our metabolism or our ability to ‘burn calories’ whist trying to ...
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10 Top Tips to Create a Balanced Diet

Trying to create a healthy balanced diet can feel like a challenge these days. I am not sure about you ...
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6 Top Habits To Avoid Overeating

As I mentioned in ‘Are you really hungry?’ a previous blog I wrote, we are all born with the innate ...
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Are You Really Hungry?

We are all born with an innate ability to maintain an ideal weight so what has happened and why do ...
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5 Tips for Mindful Eating

You have probably heard the word ‘Mindfulness’ and may wonder what it is all about. Mindfulness is about being in ...
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