sleep well less stress clare downham unique journey

10 Top Tips to Sleep Better so You Can Feel Less Stressed

  In this blog I will share my 10 top tips to sleep better so you can feel less stressed ...
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learn self-love to feel less stressed by Clare Downham Unique Journey

8 Top Tips to Learn Self-Love to Feel Less Stressed

Why learn self-love to feel less stressed you may be wondering! How can self-love help you feel less stressed? The ...
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do it now with unique journey hypnotherapy

Stop Procrastinating So You Can Feel Less Stressed

Do you procrastinate? Or as one dictionary definition stated, do you ‘delay or postpone action or put things off?’. Did ...
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Get the Meditation Habit to Feel Less Stressed

Meditation is learning to give your attention to the present rather than thoughts of the past or the future. It ...
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mindfulness Clare Downham Unique Journey

8 Little Moments of Mindfulness to Reduce Stress

Mindfulness is popping up all over the place. In schools, in the workplace and in classes in church halls in ...
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balloons representing letting go Clare Downham Unique Journey

Top Tips to Let Go of Control to Feel Less Stressed

How much time do you waste focusing on things you cannot control? Do you find yourself getting emotional over things ...
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why by clare downham unique journey

Get Clear on ‘WHY’ to Reduce Your Weight

Before you start changing your eating habits, you need to get clear on ‘why’ you want to reduce your weight ...
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thank you by unique journey

5 Top Tips to Increase Grateful Feelings and Feel Less Stressed

Have you noticed any grateful feelings today? Would you know grateful feelings if they came knocking on the door of ...
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books on a shelf by clare downham from unique journey

Mindset Change Books

Since the breakdown I suffered in 2015, I have read and listen to a lot of mindset change books. In ...
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feel less stressed at Christmas tree

5 Top Tips to Feel Less Stressed at Christmas

Would you like to feel less stressed at Christmas? How busy are you right now? Do you feel like you ...
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