Client Success and Testimonials

Delighted to share these powerful hypnotherapy client success stories.

Hypnotherapy for pain management

“Having just had a total hip replacement and being in considerable pain I asked Clare for help. Although I was rather sceptical, I agreed to try hypnotherapy. The whole experience was amazing! I felt totally relaxed – something I have not been able to do for some time. During the session Clare told me different things to do to manage my pain. On awaking from the treatment I can only say how amazing and almost pain free I was. I felt that I would now be able to cope with the pain and have the confidence to try and do more of the everyday things I was finding difficult to do. Since my session with Clare I have continued to practice the routine we did and it is definitely helping my recovery, plus I have managed to cut down on my painkillers by over half. I am now a firm believer in this type of treatment.”

Hypnotherapy for Sugar Addiction

“Clare helped treat my sugar addiction. After nearly 5 weeks I have not touched chocolate, cakes, biscuits and the like, and even better – I do not find that I am missing them! Before we did the actual ‘work’ Clare spent a great deal of time talking to me and really understanding where the issues were and what it was I wanted to achieve. She then tailored the session specifically to the issues we had discussed – even to the point of using my own words back at me rather than generalist ones, for me this felt much more real and personal.
Thank you Clare!”

Hypnotherapy to change Eating Habits

“Clare is so professional, so clear and focused, and above all, knows her stuff. She is able to tap into the real problems, works towards a solution and then does her magic to bring you out on the other side being the person you want to be without the limiting beliefs that you probably don’t know are there. Fabulous! And no hesitation in recommending.”

Hypnotherapy to remove Business Blocks

“Clare, I am buzzing thanks to you. Things are going well.”

Hypnotherapy to treat Fibromyalgia and Depression

“Having a lot of issues recently. I visited Clare, she gave me the tools I need to help get rid of my ‘baggage’. Clare actually listens and empathises with her client. I was made to feel positive for the first time in a long time. Not only having hypnotherapy but also someone who understands what’s needed to help me help myself.”

Hypnotherapy to reduce Anxiety and Worry

“Had a wonderful Hypnotherapy session last week. I was treated for being worried all the time; I would worry about most things. Clare opened my mind and showed me a process of eliminating these worries from my subconscious mind. Many thanks, Clare. I can walk free now and let life go on. Stop Smoking an E-Cig next!!!”

Hypnotherapy for effective Weight Loss

“Finished my first hypnotherapy session with Clare and found it very relaxing and an enjoyable experience. Clare worked with me on my desire to lose weight and to eat more healthily. Although it is too soon to judge success on this score she was very good at the relaxation and was extremely thorough in taking a background history, uncovering my issues and what we should work on. I very much look forward to seeing the outcome of the hypnosis and would definitely recommend her…”

Hypnotherapy to change Eating Habits

“Clare is a fantastic hypnotherapist (and person!). I have had a couple of sessions with Clare and I can feel significant changes in some of my behaviours. Habits that were thoroughly embedded have started to loosen and I am feeling excited at the future possibilities. Thank you, Clare, and looking forward to getting even fitter and healthier:-) xx”

Hypnotherapy for Managing Stress

“I was a little sceptical about trying hypnotherapy, as I did not know what to expect. I wanted help with managing my stress levels and to feel calmer. The session was relaxing and comfortable. Afterwards, I felt relaxed, calm and positive. My family even noted how calm I was that evening and I was able to deal with things calmly. Thank you for your help.”

Hypnotherapy to treat fears and phobias: Motorway Driving

“I had a hypnotherapy session with Clare recently. I enjoyed the process and found it calming.
We went through a lot of details and background history. I am wanting to conquer my fear of driving on motorways. I haven’t yet had the chance to go on the motorway, but I have been thinking about it and feeling more positive. I will come back and let you know Clare how I get on.
Thank you
… POST UPDATE: since seeing Clare I have driven on the motorway on 2 separate occasions; both went well. Today I actually enjoyed it! Had a little wobble at the beginning but I used my anchor point given to me in the session and I overcame it. After that, it all went well and I’m looking forward to trying out more journeys in the very near future. Thank you so much, Clare, I’m getting my independence back again”

Hypnotherapy for addiction: Quitting  Smoking

“A wonderful experience with a wonderful woman. Very empowering.”

I am so proud of all these clients and their positive actions. Contact me to start your own success story.