If you have an intense fear or phobia, you will know how much it can affect the way you live your life. Being paralysed with fear, shaking and having panic attacks can all be symptoms of a severe fear or phobic reaction. Being told that a phobia is, in fact, an irrational fear, probably doesn’t help if you have one. Mostly people are consciously aware that a small spider in the bath cannot harm them but that does not change the sometimes extreme response they have to seeing one.

A phobia is caused when the subconscious mind takes a memory or series of memories and exaggerates them, imprinting them on our brain. The subconscious then produces a natural defence system to protect you from a perceived danger. We are not born with phobias or severe levels of fear; they are learned behaviour. For example, if you have been brought up by a parent with a fear of spiders, you will probably develop the same fear.

If you are one of the more that 11% of the population with an irrational fear, then you are not alone. Everyone experiences fear in one form or another but if your fear has reached the point where it is hindering your enjoyment of life then hypnotherapy can really help.

I have successfully treated a range of fears and phobias since I began practising.

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