There are so many ways to procrastinate these days, we are literally spoiled for choice.  Facebook (and the plethora of other social media), email, and many other things can take you away from the tasks you really should be doing to build your business and if you work from home, there’s a whole exciting range of other things which can assist you to procrastinate. The washing, the cleaning, TV and of course food can all be very seductive when we are trying to stop ourselves doing what we really should be doing, doing the things which will help us get the best out of life.

Some of my clients procrastinate by avoiding their business completely but, even more of them will procrastinate by avoiding bigger, deep thinking tasks and picking off the smaller, easier ones first. The book “Eat that Frog”, advocates doing the big, important tasks first but we often find that very hard to achieve.


But I hear you cry, I know what procrastination is but, why am I doing it!

You are right!  This is not a blog on how to procrastinate but rather why we do it and how to stop it!

So why do we procrastinate?

Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage. A way our subconscious mind uses to keep us exactly where we are, where the subconscious mind feels safe.

And it all comes from those old friends of ours, the limiting beliefs.  Most people I see in my practice have a whole raft of limiting beliefs but the ones possessed by the most people is“I am not good enough” or something similar.

So how does a limiting belief feed into procrastination?

If your subconscious mind has decided that you are not good enough then it will do everything it can to ensure that remains true……..

This means that as soon as you begin to be successful or look like you might be, your subconscious mind will find something to stop you i.e. cause you to procrastinate.   Thus you are not as successful as you could be and the limiting belief “I am not good enough” remains true.  Clever eh?!

Identifying your limiting belief is the best place to start.  If you are not sure what yours is and you want to find out, then read the guest blog I did for “The Yorkshire Powerhouse” recently here!

Once you know your limiting belief, as it says in the article, you can use affirmations to begin removing it and putting new ways of thinking and acting in its place.

Some affirmations you could use to help defeat procrastination are:

  • “I am good enough”.
  • “I have the motivation to start and finish tasks every day”.
  • “Every action I take moves me nearer to my goals”.

In order for the affirmations to rewire your brain and start changing your behaviour, you need to work at them.   Repeat them 10 times per day out loud (if you can do this 3 times during the day then even better), write them where you will see them, (dashboard, mirror, kitchen cupboards etc) have them as your screensaver.

Your limiting beliefs were put into your mind through repetition, they need removing and replacing through repetition too.  Be persistent for 28 days and see what happens.

If you want help with affirmations, limiting belief identification or removal using hypnotherapy then get in touch.