This blog post will help you to understand what a craving is, why you might have them and how you can beat cravings once and for all.

What is a Craving?

The first thing to understand when you are learning how to beat cravings is that a craving is not a physical feeling like needing to go to the toilet. A physical urge like the need to urinate will not pass if you do not act, whereas, a craving will. It is very easy to get into the habit of mistaking ‘food cravings’ for real hunger but other factors in our lives cause these cravings.

It’s Only a Feeling

A craving is, in fact a feeling like anger, sadness or even happiness in that, it will disappear in a short time even if we do not respond to it. Cravings are often instigated by our reaction to a situation or person, stress, anger or feeling downright tired and out of sorts. Over time, we have become conditioned to respond to a craving in a particular way i.e. by eating something unhealthy. This is something that is you will understand as we can all relate to that image of the jilted woman sitting on the sofa eating a whole tub of ice-cream. If you want to beat cravings you need to accept this first of all so you can stop them in their tracks.
These short-lived cravings and urges are part of our conditioning which then become part of our lives over many years. Yet, the great thing is that, if you ignore them and don’t indulge them, they get weaker and weaker and easier to ignore. So, it is important to understand that, like your other eating habits, reacting to cravings is something which you can change. You can beat cravings and stop them disrupting your weight reduction goals.

The Difference Between Cravings and Hunger

In the image above, you can see the clear differences between real hunger and a craving. Being very clear about the difference really can help you to respond differently and beat cravings before they take control of you and your weight. Feel free to print out this infographic and keep it to hand. It will help you to identify what you are feeling and discriminate between something which is a real hunger pang and something which is a craving.

How to Beat Cravings

Once you are aware which are cravings, and which are real hunger, here are my top tips to beat cravings when they do come along.

  • Remind yourself that they won’t last long – don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that it won’t stop unless you eat.
  • Ask yourself if you are really hungry (use the hunger scale you can find in Slim Habits Hypno to help to help!).
  • Don’t listen to your internal saboteur which might be saying, ‘I want something to eat – go on get something’.
  • Listen to the voice in your head which says, ‘This craving will go away in a minute or two’.
  • Say to yourself ‘I don’t have to eat right now’.
  • Be patient. This urge will stop shortly.  Just wait a short time and it will go away.
  • Have a glass of water (warm water or cold – work out which helps you best).
  • Distract yourself and get busy. Before you realise it, the cravings will be gone.
  • When the craving has passed, and you have not eaten, take a moment to celebrate and praise yourself. You have taken control with the power of your own mind and this is a big step to changing your relationship with food and your body.

In conclusion, cravings really can be a huge saboteur of your weight reduction efforts so it is key to beat cravings as soon as you can. If you need any help overcoming your cravings, please get in touch to book a complimentary consultation or ask me about Slim Habits Hypno Premium – the real alternative to dieting.