We all have some limiting beliefs and feeling which pass in and out of our minds but when a limiting belief or feeling persists it can start to hinder the way we live our lives and prevent us from fulfilling our true potential. For example, if your limiting belief is, “I am a failure”, this will affect how you tackle each day and your ability to be successful in all aspects of life including work, personal relationships and health. If you frequently feel “angry”, and lose your temper, this can have a huge effect on you and those around you such as work colleagues, family and friends. It may also make you want to avoid certain social situations for fear of the reactions you may have to certain events.

The above are just two examples of limiting beliefs and feelings you may have but there are many more that you could be living with, that are affecting the way you function every day. If you visit me for hypnotherapy to remove limiting beliefs I will spend time in the pre-talk finding out about your beliefs system and feelings. I will then help you to release and so remove the limiting beliefs and feelings, so that you can be more at peace and feel free to live life to the full.

Contact me if you are ready to release your limiting beliefs and feelings and fulfill your potential.