Whether you would like to feel motivated to exercise or eat more healthily, or lose weight long term, hypnotherapy can help you overcome the barriers which are preventing you changing your current habits and taking up new, more healthy ones. I can even help you to give up eating certain foods altogether with aversion therapy.

You probably know what foods are healthy, how much exercise to take, how many calories to consume etc. You may well have tried many different ways to lose weight, such as slimming clubs, weight loss shakes and good old steely willpower. Having access to all this knowledge and support is wonderful but if you still cannot lose weight, it can be very frustrating and you can end up feeling guilty and despondent. Consciously you know exactly what to do to lose weight, so what is stopping you?

Our relationship with food is built up over a long period of time, but many of our attitudes to eating and habits are formed when we are quite young. This is not to blame our parents, as they were doing the best they could at the time, but just to acknowledge that we have things deep in our subconscious which need to be addressed before we can truly change our behaviour around food. For example, I was always encouraged to clear my plate as a young child so that I could have a pudding. As a result, as an adult, I still find it difficult to leave food on my plate.

Hypnotherapy can really help with weight loss and I have seen it begin to make a difference after just one session. Through hypnotherapy, I can find out what is driving your poor eating habits and help the subconscious to let go of those drivers and naturally develop new, more healthy habits. I can also help you to feel motivated to exercise so that you enjoy taking part in physical activity and don’t feel the need to force yourself to get moving. If there is one food you wish you could stop eating altogether, aversion therapy can stop your desire for that food in its tracks.

Contact me if you are ready to lose weight and change your relationship with food for good.